Hoffman Family Portraits

We had a spectacular time with the Hoffman family! The kids were adorable! They had fun checking out the photoshoot area too. It was really funny because a big forest of bamboo caught the little one’s eyes and the whole time she kept saying “Bambooooo” Her lips were always pursed in the “oooo” sound. We had to get creative to get her mind off that word so we could get some pictures without the “ooo” affect! Such a fun day with the Hoffmans! 

Outdoor Photography


Adorable mother and son moment! 

Mother Son Pose

A little baby in super tall grass is one their favorite things! 


Infant Pose

Infant Portrait

Infant Pictures

Beautiful husband and wife pose!

Husband and Wife Portrait

Mother Daughter Portraits

Father Daughter Pose

Family Pose

Family Portraits

Family Candid Portrait

Family Pictures in the Park

Family of Four Portraits

I love all the colors on the trees this time of year! The kids had a great time collecting leaves!

Child Portraits

Child Candid

Black & White Photography

Baby Pictures

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