A Walk Through The Park with Carlson Family

There is nothing like a beautiful sunny day at Grape Day Park in Escondido! I just love all the neat props you can find in this park! Little Annika had a great time running around and smiling for the camera! If anything says spring time it’s a cute little girl in a colorful dress. What a fun day!

Baby Laughing Picture

Baby Portraits

One of my favorites! So concentrated but so content holding Daddy’s hand!

Baby with Daddy

Baby with Flowers

You can tell how precious their little girl is to them in this picture!

Family Portrait with Baby

Baby Candid


Baby with Props

Family Walking Pictures


Child at the park

Child Portraits

Close up Baby

Family Outside Portraits

Infant Candid

Such a happy little girl! She loved all the flowers and her own little chair!

Infant Pictures

Miss Blue Eyes!

Infant Portraits

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