Aerial Videos and Photos of First-Class Lakeside Resort

Aerial Videos

They say Nicaragua is the best kept secret of Central America. I can see why! Laguna de Apoyo in Nicaragua is a beautiful oasis in a volcano crater. I had to really focus on this photoshoot and not just dive into the water! It’s so inviting! Check out the awesome promo videos for Apoyo Resort. Right on the water!

In only 5 days, this video already has over 25,000 views and 1,000 shares on Facebook! These hotel guests are really enjoying it! 

Full-Length Promotion Video

30-Second Commercial Spot Video

This short clip is for promotion on local television commercials. What a great advertising idea! 


Aerial Photos

Restaurant and Pool Photographed from an Aerial Vantage Point

The dark blue waters are crystal clear! It was such a clear day for taking pictures!

Aerial Photography of Apoyo Resort Lakeside

Pool on the Edge of a Hill

Aerial Photography of Hotel Pool Nestled in Trees

Straight Down View of the Pool and Hotel

Pool Overlooking Trees and Lake

Beautiful Blue Lake View with Trees Looking into the Active Volcano Crater

The thatched roofs on this resort really add to the rustic touch from the air!

Hotel Room Photo From the Air

Hotel Buildings Picture from the Air

Condo Room Aerial Photography

This amazing tree is full of nests from the oropendola bird. Pretty amazing! 

Aerial View of the Pool and Lake

Apoyo Resort Upper Pool

Resort Reception Desk

Restaurant with Lakefront View

Resort Hotel Room Bed

Patio overlooking the Jungle

Path Through the Trees

We had a great time at Apoyo Resort and Laguna Apoyo. So glad to see hotel guests already enjoying this video!

View of Sunrise Across the Lake 

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