A New Baby On The Way For The Warner Family!

Nothing more exciting then a new baby on the way! Sweet little Brody was pretty excited about getting a new little sister. He was also pretty excited to run around and play. Mom & Dad had him looking pretty sharp in his jeans and collared shirt! What a cute little boy!

Up close Family Portrait

Baby Candid

Baby Smiling with Parents

Dandelions are always a perfect distraction! 

Busy Baby Picture

Child Having Fun

What a ham! That silky hair and adorable cheeks. Totally a toddler but with the baby sweetness :)

Child Laughing Picture

Child Portrait


Discovering Baby

Giggles all around!

Family Candid Picture

Family Portrait

Just a stroll through the park!

Family Walking

Mommy and baby moment!

Maternity Picture

Baby on the way


Parents and Child Portrait

Parents Watching Baby

Parents with Baby

Running Toddler

It’s great when you can make yourself laugh!

Toddler Laughing

Toddler on Slide

Looking forward to meeting baby sister! What a great time with the Warner Family and sweet little Brody! I could take pictures of his little expressions all day! 

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